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PVC Furniture Board Production Line
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Qingdao Qingsu Times Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pvc furniture board production line manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are always able to offer you CE certification and high quality pvc furniture extruder, PVC furniture board machine, pvc foam board extrusion machine, PVC furniture foam board machine, PVC furniture board extrusion machine, PVC furniture crust foam board machine, PVC furniture foaming board manufacturer.

Pvc furniture board is pvc crust foam board or Celuka foam board. Smooth, light weight , high density, high hardness , moisture-proof and waterproof , mildew proof and anti-corrosion , non-toxic and no benzene , green products , not easy to deformation resistance to compression. PVC furniture board (Chevron board or Andy board PVC high, hardness white crust foaming board ) household decoration: bathroom cabinet board, furniture board, household decoration board, all kinds of household of the shelf.
Our PVC foam board machine include the special Twin-screw extruder, mould and other auxiliary machines . We supply you the best material formulation and all of technology. It is with big output, stable extrusion, high foaming, good and wear-resisting surface and so on.
PVC crust foam board has such characteristics as sound separation, sound absorption, heat separation, temperature-keeping,etc.

The material is incombustible, it is safe for use.
All series of products have property ofmoisture proof, mildew proof, water resistance; its vibration resistant effect is good.
All series of products have property of weathering proof, its luster may remain forever, and it is not easy to be ageing.
This product is light, storage & transport, construction are rather convenient.
This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material.
Drilling, sawing, nail, planning, bonding can be conducted like wooden material.
It is suitable for thermal shaping, thermal bending and fold processing.
It can be welded; it can also be bonded with other pvc material.
The surface of this product is smooth, it can be printed. (Clean the surface before printing.)


Other application:
Architecture decoration industry: building template board, outdoors plate, indoors decoration plate, residential house, office, separation of public building, commercial decoration frame, plate used in dust-free room, celling plate.

Household decoration: bathroom cabinet board, kitchen cabinet, furniture board, home decoration board, various household shelves.

Advertisement industry:Screen printing, computer engraving, advertising board, exhibition plate, logo plate.

Transport industry: ship, plane, bus, and train, floor covering, core layer, indoors decoration plate.

Industrial application: rot proof project in chemical industry, thermal shaped part, plate for refrigeration warehous, special cool-keeping protection plate.

Other applications: construction mold plate, sports apparatus, aquaculture material, seashore wet-proof facility, water-resistant material, arts material and all sorts of light separation plate.


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